Dedicated Tax Associate

Tax Associates are mainly responsible for helping clients & individual CPAs prepare simple to complex corporate, partnership and individual tax returns. Tax Associates work closely with clients to gather information on business income & expenses and review financial records like Income Statements and Documentation. They use available adjustments and deductions to keep their clients’ tax liability to a minimum. Researching tax issues and providing related documentation are also essential part of this job role.

Accounting expertise is a necessity for all tax associates. Keeping clients or employers in compliance with IRS guidelines is also vital to a successful tax associate career. For maximum efficiency, tax associates often use sophisticated tax preparation software applications. Some tax associates are hired by large businesses or organizations to work in accounting or payroll departments, ensuring proper tax setups, deductions & liability management.

Tax Associate at AuroSys ensure that the client is reporting their finances and submitting tax paperwork in compliance with US State & Federal Rules and Regulations. Tax associates generally do not work independently and are mostly hired to be part of a team of CPA firms. The Tax Associate also reviews client’s financial records to verify that the company is in compliance with bodies such as Internal Revenue Service. They also ensure the company is paying proper taxes for Payroll, Income, Investments, and Property. The Tax Associate generally has access to many different company financial documents to guarantee the correct calculation of taxes to be paid. They are highly organized and keep precise track of company documents while adhering to relevant Privacy Rules & Policies.

Tasks Performed by Tax Associate include:

1040 (Individual Tax Returns)





1041 (Estates and Trust)

1045 (Partnership Returns)

1120 (Corporation Returns)

Other Statutory Formalities as guided.

Tax Associate profile

Age Group Training Additional Certification Jobs Skills Other Skills
23 to 35 Years 60 Hours of In-house Training with Cleared Written Test QuickBooks Pro Certified Advisor or Xero Certified Advisor Bookkeeping Rules and Standards, Financial Statement Review, Depreciation and Fixed Asset Register Maintenance, Basic Federal and State Tax Application, Payroll Administration, Ability to Analyze figures, Knowledge of Tax Principles, Fun Fair written and oral communication skill, Office Administrative Skills, Management Skills of Multi-task, establish priorities, organise efficiently etc. Administrative work, Tax Preparation of Federal, State and Local tax Returns for Business, Organisations & Individual, Nature of Entities and Related Tax Impact, Financial Anaylsis, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Office, Payroll Administration, Payroll Compliance working knowledge, Quick Books, Sales Tax compliance.
Label Particulars US Equivalency
Profile Tax Associate Tax Analyst, Tax Accountant.
Qualification Bachelor or Masters in Commerce with Majors in Accounting/MBA in Finance or Business Accounting. Bachelor or Masters in Accounting
Experience 2-6 years 6 months to 3 years US work experience