Dedicated Accounting Resources

There’s an incredible acceleration of factors affecting today’s accounting profession advances in technology, pace and scope of new regulatory activity, globalisation, outsourcing, the aging of the profession and related imminent leadership changes, and the fact that new and very different generations are both entering and being served by the profession. We see managing this plethora of changes as the biggest issue facing the profession today.

AuroSys with its experience and expertise of 10 years into serving accounting firms has designed a unique model “In-Serving Employee” which has not only all inherent advantages of outsourcing but it also addresses and mitigates risk associated with it. At AuroSys you can have your own dedicated offsite personnel working exclusively for your firm on guidance, rules, policies and standard operating procedures of your firm. This gives you greater control and flexibility in your work. Also, your relationship with the resource would be an “employer and employee”, instead of “supplier and customer”. 

AuroSys provides the following Fulltime Dedicated Technology Professionals Onshore & Offshore: