Why AuroSys

The AuroSys Advantage

1. 50 Hours/Week  25% Higher:

Dedicated 9 hours a day during weekdays and 5 hours on Saturdays. Hence Hourly efficiency is 25% higher than the average 40 hours of working as per US standards.

2. Young  and CompetentTalent Pool :

Average age of partner in accounting firm is 53.5 years and that of their staff is 48 years (source: AICPA survey). Average age of our employee is 29 years hence it provides you great edge over your competitors, as you have access to young talent pool which is always better-off considering technology, productivity and motivation.  Our employee oriented HR policies  help us in maintaining a high standard,values driven organisation culture. Regular dinner meets, employee offsite Training and development are an integral part of our organisation culture as well as providing perquisites and benefits like medical care, bonuses, retirement benefits etc.

3. Easy Scalability and Exit:

Depending on work volumes, accounting firms can scale up and down the number of dedicated resourcesby choosingwhat best fits their requirements. For instance, during peak seasons when a firm is inundated with work it is possible to easily scale up the your team, and when work is slow it can be slimmed down. There are no exit fees.

4. Professional Management :

We invest in training, communication and coaching of all the resources. Firms can have benefits of larger workforce and an increase in firm efficiency and effectiveness with increasing headcounts or HR Management solutions.

5. Defining Standard working protocols :

With the help of dedicated account management, we define standard working protocols for each accounting firmas per the requirement of the firm. Defining standard operating procedures helps us in:

  • Streamlining and Tracking Task.
  • Reducing turnaround times.
  • Maintaining strict timelines.
  • Reducing the dependence on the working staff.

6. Larger firm Practices :

Small or medium sized firms can’t match the quality and working standards of tasks that largeaccounting practice firms maintain. This changes totally when firms are provided with access to a specialist team and technology that traditionally is only available to big firms. This further allows a firm to compete with bigger firms for bigger jobs and generate larger profits by outsourcing portions of the workload.

7. Attrition Management :

AuroSys staff’s average age with usis 4.5 years. This speaks volumes in itself, about the ethics that company follows in recruiting, training, promoting, and also the compensation of it’s staff. AuroSysalways performs detailed background check before hiring.

8. Zero Paper Policy :

We don’t offer printer in our office as we have zero paper policy in our company. Hence, all the documents and work shall have no physical existence. Paperless office not only enhance security but is also consider environment friendly.

9. Improve Profitability:

Our clients are savinga great deal of their productive time and energy which otherwise weregetting consumed in low end choresconsisting of compliance, administration and accounting each year. This in turn are invested in strategic and business development initiatives.

10. Technology can help you to stay ahead of the curve:

Staying ahead of the curve amidst this changing environment, along with unprecedented increase in regulatory systems, workforce and client expectation, seems like a mammoth task for many firms. At AuroSys, we have a technology wing that can help you not just have an edge over your competition, but also can work as an IT extention to your firm, which again, is a cost-effective solution.

11. Meet the fee Pressure:

Competitive fee pressure is always a matter of concern for accounting firms. With little to no growth in fees on year to year basis it becomes difficult for firms to be profitable.

12. Time Zone Difference:

Your dedicated resource work from 6.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. thus it matches the time zones of US.

13. Certified Resources:

Relevant resources working for you would be certified and experienced.

14. Security/Systems/Infrastructure

Securing the IT environment was ranked as the top technology initiative among CPAs in both the United States and Canada, according to a new report from the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). Information security and privacy protection are critical business issues for the smallest startup to the largest global organization. Against a backdrop of rising cybercrime resulting in the exposure of personally identifiable information for millions of Americans, U.S. CPAs have moved the protection of IT assets back to the top of their tech priority lists.

AuroSys is ISO 9001:2008 certified company with current best in class practices in information security and infrastructure compliance. With clear emphasis on process effectiveness and data privacy protections, ISO framework helps us continually monitor and improve our procedures and processes. We maintain rigorous standards of quality and audits for information and infrastructure management.