Start-up and Young CPA Firms Solutions

According to a Survey, 65% of small business owners would tell a friend to launch a new venture now rather than wait another year.

Kick-starting your own CPA practice is one of the greatest professional challenges you’ll ever undertake—and potentially one of the most rewarding. Fraught with hard work and long hours, it’s nevertheless a chance to build a business, provide real value to clients who depend on you and, ultimately, shape your own destiny.

The opportunity in public practice is enormous, with the decline in enrolment in college accounting programs, newer and complex regulations, shortage of accountants and the bigger firms and industry absorbing them up at high salaries, you don’t find many people going on their own.

AuroSys after serving accounting firms for last 10 years,launchedDedicated Resource model for Start-up and Young Practicing CPAs and Accounting Firms. Starting your own CPA practice requires much more than accounting expertise. That’s a surprise to some budding entrepreneurs. In college you were told that all you had to be was a good technical person and you were set in this field. But as an owner, you have to know a lot more than that, as in:

  • Area of Practice and Expertise
  • Location and Research
  • Legal Structure
  • Office / Infrastructure
  • Staff
  • Investment and Capital Expenditures
  • Technology
  • Business Marketing
  • High Fixed Running Costsetc.

With the help of AuroSys you can start you practice with a very nominal initial investment, and AuroSys can help you in following areas:

  • Dedicated Fulltime Off-Site Employee/Accountants. (at atleast 75% reduced cost).
  • IntPRac Solutions (Integrated Practice Management Software).
  • Business Partnership with AuroSys affiliates.
  • Website with Client Portal.
  • Off-Site Dedicated Desk Management Services
  • Online Branding Solutions
  • Analysis and Review Support Services
  • Interim Employee for Tax Seasons

Some of our start-up and young CPA’s says…

“Many of us believe that one day we will start our own companies. But what do you need to know before you take the irreversible step of quitting your job. AuroSys has not only just provided their services in defined scope but also mentored me in navigating my way in initial days of my practice and I will remain thankful to them for life”

Martha Hall CPA

“AuroSys support and services would always be priceless and have been priceless when I was starting my practice. It would have taken lifetime for me to start a practice which just happened in few months with AuroSys. It’s a must for any New CPA’s!”

Robert Patrick CPA

For details please get in touch with us and have a flying start to your practice.