Interim Staffing for Tax Season

Interim ‘In-Serving Employee’ for Tax Season

  • Planning for Tax season is always a nightmare for accounting and tax firms and you realize that you will not have enough tax preparers to staff your office. Maybe a key tax preparer decided not to return; or worse, you’ve learned that he is going into competition with you and will likely solicit your clients whom he served last year. If you’d properly planned and prepared, you wouldn’t be in this situation.
  • AuroSys provides both dedicated Tax Associates & Tax Seniors required during peak time practice season for Tax Preparation, Filings and Support. There is fierce competition/scarcity of talent and so it is important that staffing decisions are made well in advance for the tax season to ensure that your company receives the best and the brightest talent. With AuroSys you can stay rest assured of Qualified, Disciplined and Trustworthy Resources.
  • Keeping in mind high cost of training and developing new tax preparers, getting orientation to firms SOP’s and policies, we can also provide tax preparers with long term contract for every season. We can also get long term agreement of 4 to 5 years signed into.
  • Our Interim resource can support your existing core team, as they can take care of basic returns and thereby free-up your senior preparers to handle more complex returns.
  • AuroSys can provide both Onsite/Offsite Interim Dedicated Resources during Tax Season.
  • Before putting Tax preparers for work they receive proper training on the following aspects
    • Summary of Technical and Practical Aspects of Income Tax.
    • Pre-work Training on your firm’s policies and procedures, including customer service.
    • Tax Software.
    • On-Job Training.