Why Inserving

Why In-Serving employee Model is Best for Accounting firms?

1. 80% Savings on your HR Bill and Overheads Cost:

Single most primary driver. Apart from the most obvious reason of cost saving on HR bill the other saving in terms reduction of overheads in areas of

    • Recruiting and Training Staff.
    • Infrastructure Costs.
    • Payroll, Medicare, Retirement and other benefits provided to employees.
    • Compliance cost.
    • Systems and Software cost.
    • No Bonuses no overtime.

Substantial cost reduction is immediately visible once you hire our dedicated resources

2. No Payroll Compliance and HR Headache:

This model allows you to have your own workforce yetsave yourself from complex and daunting work, salary related legislations and HR headache.

3. Absolute Control over your operation:

Resource allocated to you work under direct control, supervision and guidance of your firm. You can track the time, working presence, function performed, work delivered. Resource would be reportable for.

    • Leaves
    • Work timings.
    • Overtime and Extra time
    • Detailed Job Duties.
    • Client Communication (if any).
    • Other job related parameters and functions.

4. Operational Flexibility:

There is no fix nature of work defined for your resource. Resource can multi-task and mutli-function as per the dynamic requirement and ongoing needs of your firm.

5. Practice Focus Approach:

Our model allows billable time to be focused on delivering higher fee earning work, developing and maintaining client relationships and growing the practice. Managers and partners are free from time-intensive recruitment, training, compliance and non-core duties, leaving time for truly strategic business work.

6. Edge over Competition:

Our Model expands your resource bandwidth  and enables you to focus on  offering high end valuable services to your client, so you can stand ahead of the competition. As per Internal research of our current clientele we found that 80% have been able to deliver existing work at more competitive rates and are able to scale up the profitability of the firm.

7. High Quality Control:

When you define and enforce your own standard and process, quality of the output is as desired.