In-Serving Employee’s Competences

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

    The resources dedicated are qualified and skilled accounting professionals who can handle the entiregamut of bookkeeping and accounting, ranging from the fundamental booking of journal entries to preparing of the financials statements. Your Allocated Dedicated Resource can take care of:

    • Vendor Bills Processing
    • Customer Invoicing
    • Sales Entries from POS
    • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
    • Inventory adjustments
    • Loan Reconciliation
    • Month End Entries – Prepaid, Accruals, Depreciation
    • All other end to end accounting and bookkeeping work.

  • Sales Tax& Use Tax filing

    The resources dedicated to you are kept up with the changing trends and constraints of different states and are competent to perform following functions in sales tax:

    • Calculation of Sales Tax Liability for different states
    • Preparation of Sales Tax Return
    • Filing of tax return on statutory website
    • Compliance to State laws
    • Up to date with the latest changes in laws
    • Timely Payment. No Interest. No Penalty

  • Payroll Management

    Payroll isn’t just about data processing for your clients. Your qualified dedicated resources can take care of your clients and make sure their employees are paid on time and accurately. Also their analytical capabilities can help you in giving new business insights, adhere to compliance easily and provide business intelligence which adds value to your service offerings. Our qualified staff canalso work with Paychex, ADP, Zen Payroll, Intuit, Paylocity etc. to get the payroll processed.They can also manage:

    • Calculation of Overtime or Double-time as applicable
    • Calculation of Commissions
    • Keeping track of employee advances
    • Sanity Checks – Smart identifiers for Obvious Abnormalities
    • Sanity checks
    • Preprocess Payroll and send for Review
    • Submit Data to Payroll Processing Agency
    • Recording  and Reconciliation Payroll Entries in Accounting Software

  • Financial Reporting Analysis and Financials Statements Preparation

    Accuracy and transparency are critical when it comes to your company’s financial credibility and the resources dedicated to you know this very well. We have expertswho focus on building and maintaining your financial records. We understand that for CPA firms the process of keeping and managing these records can be very tedious and time consuming. We are here to help you to minimize that burden. Your qualified resource can take care of:

    • Month End Closing and finalization – Prepaid, Accruals, Depreciation
    • General Ledger Scrutiny
    • Preliminary Review of financials and address questions
    • Final Review of Financials Statements and preparation
    • Recording and Analyzing Budgets
    • Preparing and Presenting Reports on KPI, Financial Analysis, cash flows, Industry Benchmarking etc.
    • Profit & Loss Comparative Statement i.e. Current Month vs Previous Month, Current Month vs Previous year, Same month etc.
    • Profit & Loss – Actual vs Budget
    • Balance sheet – Monthly Comparison
    • Supporting schedules for all the balance sheet accounts

  • Tax Preparation

    We understand that tax preparation can be a confusing and wearying for any business, big or small. Dedicated Resources are not only good at preparing your company’s taxes in a timely and accurate manner, but making sure you are realizing allowable deductions and credits that can help your clients to minimize their taxes.Because of our experience of working with different CPA firms, we manage tax preparation for a wide array of different entities including:

    • Individuals (Personal taxes)
    • Corporations
    • Partnerships
    • LLCs and LLPs
    • Estates
    • Nonprofit organizations

  • Office Administration and Support
    If you are spending too much time on the administration involved in running your business and not enough time on growing your business, this dedicated resource can help you to overcome this obstacle, so that your time can be better spent on tasks that increase your business output. Our business is to make your business run smoother, by giving you the vital support you need to grow and succeed, at a price you can afford.

    Admin and Secretarial Services

    • Typing wide range of documentation, letters, emails, faxes, reports and minutes, training materials, handouts and manuals, proposals, engagement letter etc.
    • Making changes to existing documents.
    • Word processing / copy typing.
    • Making phone calls to clients/arranging meetings.
    • First Impression Executive – Virtual Reception Attendant.
    • Replying to emails, taking enquiries and bookings.
    • Diary management/making appointments.
    • Any administrative function of CPA office.