Inserving Employee

  • AuroSys with its experience and expertise of 10 years into serving accounting firms has designed a unique model “In-Serving Employee” which has not only all inherent advantages of outsourcing but it also addresses and mitigates risk associated with it. At AuroSys you can have your own dedicated offsite personnel working exclusively for your firm on guidance, rules, policies and standard operating procedures of your firm. This gives you greater control and flexibility in your work. Also,your relationship with the resource would be an“employer and employee”, instead of “supplier and customer”. We offer following employee profiles:
    • Staff Accountant
    • Tax associate
    • Accounts Senior
    • Tax Senior
    • Accounts Manager
  • There are huge benefits of using our model of engagement over the traditional more commonly known ‘outsourcing’ practices. An accounting firm may opt for our dedicated resource model, not to save cost(though we are still the most cost effective)but toprovide the accounting firm an exclusive in-house resource for greater control and effective outcomes. Having a 100% access to the dedicated resources, the firm can allow the resources to be trained & developed using proven training methods by the client.
  • The biggest benefit of our model is the way it allows our customer firms to maximise its capabilities by increasing its capacity through the optimal use of AuroSys Solutions and its highly equipped insfrastructure and technology offerings. It allows your existing resources to focus more on their core strengths, promoting their growth by giving them responsibility & access to their own teams for them to manage – all at an affordable cost, thereby maximising their skillsets.