IT Products

All practitioners have adopted technology at some level. For a truly digital CPA, however, technology is at the center of the practice to make decisions, plan strategies and derive offerings. While technology has advanced in the past 30 years, it has remained largely a back-room tool to support the delivery of work for most CPA and EA firms. Although computers have helped CPAs with billing, invoicing, collections, filling management, and streamlining operations, Digital Strategies are certainly the need of the hour.

Digital Strategies have fundamentally changed everything we do – not just the way we deliver our services, but the complete client experience, as well as the way we sell, market and develop new services.

Being a Technology Driven Organization we have always focused on developing products for the CPA firms, which add value to their service offerings. Some of our products are:

  1. Cloud Based Document Management System.
  2. Cloud Based Restaurant Business Intelligence Application.
  3. IntPRac (Integrated Practice Solutions for CPA firms).
  4. Workflow Management System.
  5. CRM Software.
  6. Web-based Hospital Management Solutions.

CPAs and accounting firms can use any of these products for their practice or can also make themavailable to clients at no additional cost.