Dedicated Desk Management Solutions

Dedicated Off-Site Desk Management Solutions :

Unanswered phone calls are the biggest low points for small businesses. Potential clients are often felt let down after listening to a recorded message in place of a customer executive who can listen to them. Consequently, the client may not ever call back. For many businesses, is important that your phone be covered at all (business) hours. Although hiring a receptionist may be the obvious solution, many small CPAs and accounting firms don’t have the budget or infrastructure for one.

The good news is that while a full-time receptionist will cost you a full-time salary, offsite desk management can work for you like a full time employee. We provide professionals—with expertise in offsite administrative services and communication to manage your time and practice. They include:

  • Answering Phone call.
  • Transferring a call.
  • Screening a call.
  • Relay Message
  • Emergency Response.
  • Schedule management
  • Transcription
  • Call Management.